Solution Strategy

We realize the technical challenges that small & medium size businesses must meet in today’s extremely competitive market. In order to thrive, a business must establish and maintain a strategy that will allow them to leverage technology in a way that will be most beneficial. That’s where we can help. The goal of ITS is to help businesses grow by providing them with quality Information Technology (I.T) solutions. Unlike many similar companies, our philosophy toward networking technology does not focus on what you can do to improve your company network, but rather what your network can do to improve your business. To this end, ITS aims to develop solutions tailored to the individual business needs of its customers, helping them realize their goals.

How do we do it?

  • The Initial Consultation
    • During this process, your companies overall IT concerns and goals are discussed and documented. is a forum for formally identifying known IT issues. During this early stage of defining your IT strategy, we will be all ears as we take in and record your concerns.

  • In-depth investigation of IT concerns
    • In this step of the process, we take the information gathered from the initial consultation and thoroughly investigate each concern. This includes interviewing those of management and staff work closest with the data network, in order to develop a more accurate understanding of the identified issues.

  • Review of IT concerns
    • During this step, we jointly review your concerns along with the information we’ve gathered. We also present any new concerns or issues that we’ve come across during our investigation.

  • Development of Custom IT solution
    • This is the time when we take all of the information gathered and use it to develop a custom IT solution for your business. The time required to complete this process varies depending on the complexity of your current network and planed changes.

  • IT Plan customer review & approval
    • The review & approval stage is the most important step for you the customer. This is the time when you will review the solutions we plan to implement and the cost of doing so. During this time we will go over in detail what changes need to be made and how these changes will directly improve your business.

  • Custom Solution implementation
    • This is the last stage in our custom process during which we will implement the solutions agreed upon. The time required to complete this stage will vary but and educated estimate will be made and agreed upon prior to ITS beginning work.

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